Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

Green, Greener, Ireland - 5

While planning for our Ireland trip there was one thing right on top of our list of places to visit. This place being the Skellig Islands. Even though it was on top of our list we did not read the travel guide carefully enough and realized while calling the numbers provided just the day before we wanted to do the tour that all tours were already booked and that there would be no way for us to get on board. But F did not gave up that easily. He was calling all the numbers in our travel guide, sweet talking with the organizers of the tour and captains. Before heading to bed we still weren't sure whether we could at least get a seat on a tour circling the islands. We decided to drive to Portmagee after breakfast anyhow, just to have a look. On the way we got a text message saying that there would be a boat waiting for us to take us out. Aren't we lucky! 

Fisher boat and view on Portmagee.
Smiles, with the Skelligs behind us.
We saw an amazing amount of sea birds!
Skellig Michael, old steps to the monastery.
Skellig Michael.
Boats waiting for tourists to return.
Skellig Michael, and more steps.
Skellig Michael.
The small Skellig - with thousands of birds!
Skellig Island.
Seals at the Skellig.
View from small Skellig to Skellig Michael.
Falling asleep on the way back.

After the tour we had a snack in town and made our way along the coast to Cork. Obviously not without stopping at another ruin, seems we cannot just easily pass on sights like that.

View along the way.
K infront of Staigue Fort.
Entering the Fort.

Inside the Fort 1.
Inside the Fort 2.
 With that our stay was almost over. We spent the night in Cork and had to return the car the next day at Dublin airport. We decided to stop at least for one other cache and castle before saying good-bye.

Dunamase Castle.
View from Dunamase Castle onto nearby church.
Climbing the ruins.
It was the perfect playground!
Dunamase Castle.

Me and my best travel companion.
We had a fabulous time in Ireland. We got to love the Irish people with their amiable accent and hospitality. We enjoyed the lush green and even the few rain showers we encountered. And there is still so much more to see. So, get ready Ireland - we will be back!

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