Freitag, 8. April 2016

Coconut, Coconut and Papaya - a trip to Maui 3

Day 4: We broke camp early in the morning to hike to the Pools of Ohe'o. We were a bit disappointed, I guess it is nicer with lots of water. The hike up to the Waimoku waterfall on the other side was very nice. Since we started early, we had long stretches of the way to ourselves. I liked the bamboo forrest the best. It was really magical, the sound when a gust of wind goes through is very relaxing and the green of bamboo, it's like a spa for the mind.

At the pools.
View from pools to the ocean.
Hike to Waimoku.
Along the way 1.
Into the bamboo forrest.
More waterfall.
Bamboo forrest.
Along the way 2.
At the waterfall.
Aloha boys resting area.
Then we drove on to Olowalu, taking the gravel road around the south. It was a long drive with wonderful views and a great burger in between at the Ulupalakua Ranch. After the long drive we were not really up for anything. We spent the rest of the day, enjoying the sun, the warm water and hanging around the campground. In the evening we quickly drove to Lahaina to stock up on food. And K finally got his long-wished for shark tooth necklace and we were surprised by a spontaneous Hula presentation.

Look back, the southern route.
The lucky driver. 
Who is up for a coconut?
View along the route.
At a small church. 
Church at the beach.
K :).
Lovely flowers.
One way street for miles and miles and miles.
Recovery station with burger supply.

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