Freitag, 8. April 2016

Coconut, Coconut and Papaya - a trip to Maui 2

Day 3: Our next destination was Kipahulu. Of course it is often the way which makes the journey and we stopped at a beach near Koki beach and had a splendid time. The kids did not want to leave, but Frank had a surprise up his sleeve - the Venus Pool. See pics, there is no way to describe it, it is a real gem and for adventurous folks without fear of heights just about the right thing.

Near Koki beach 1.
Near Koki beach 2.
Coconut fun at Koki beach.
At the venus pool.
One of K's jumps. 
P all crazy about the jumping.
And Frank of course :).
Coconut, coconut.

Right at the pool is a small fruit stand, with an honesty box, I would say a perfect location. We opened the nut ourselves and took a papaya and some bananas for later. On the car ride from there to the next stop the kids were chanting: "Coconut, coconut and papaya" - and it became our vacation mantra.
Our last stop before the campground was a waterfall, small hike and some swimming.

Under the waterfall.
Some tree climbing.
We camped the night at the Kipahulu campground with a camp site right at the ocean. Private beach access so to say. The coast here is very rough and swimming is dangerous, but we are on a volcanic island and ever so often the lava built up little pools, one of them right there for us to enjoy with tiny little fish to see and a turtle greeting us in the evening and morning.

View from campsite.
It's just what it looks like - perfect!
View from the campsite to the pool.


Dinner - papaya noodles- preparations.
Our sea turtle.

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